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§         A call cannot be changed after an appeal from a player

§         Tiebreakset / Advantage set / Noad (one point) scoring system

§         Three unsuccessful challenges (=1 for Tiebreak)

§         Second serve should take place without delay. Otherwise let (first service).

§         Serve from wrong half of the court à this is to be corrected immediately.

§         Serve from the wrong end à this is to be corrected immediately.

§         Wrong server ? à correct immediately, unless a whole game has been played, in case the new service order continues.

§         Wrong player receives in doubles à remain in this altered positions for that game only. This also includes within a tie-break.

§         If the bal is in play and not a serve and hits the net or the single stick, the play continues. Also if played around the netpost (and therefore below the height of the net.

§         Principle in tennis is that play is continues. Additional time is allowed: suffering from medical condition à doctor or trainer can be called at the next change event or immediately. When injured or feeling sick.

§         Stopping the match when player’s equipment is damaged or broken à broken racket, wet shoes and socks.

§         Allowed to leave the court have two toilet brakes at the end of a set. Official goes with the player to see they do not receive coaching or treatment.

§         Play must be suspended when rain occurs while court is dangerous to the players.

§         Darkness is reason to suspend play. Suspension should preferable take place at the end of the set or after and even number of games.


§         Hindrance that not comes from opponent

· Line calls….


§          Not hindrance when call linesman comes later than…





· Netpalen zijn altijd een vaste hindernis.

· In een cat 3 toernooi mag hoogstens 3 partijen met een ball worden gespeeld.

· In Nat ranglijsttoernooi hoogstens 1 partij.

· Bij lekke bal een let spleen (dus bij 2nd service een let, dus 1st service)

· Men mag met niet spleen met dubbele besnaring.

· Toegestaan om in amateur met een kapot racket of kapotte besnaring te spelen.

· Standaard spel à eerste 4 punten met 2 punten verschil.

· Bij beslissend punt system mag ontvanger aangeven welke kant er wordt geserveerd.